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A coin toss, a 50-50 that Colorado will have snow on the ground or in the air on Christmas; while we can’t always predict the weather, or rely on what the weatherman says due to our ever dynamic weather patterns, we can all agree that the traditions we create year to year with friends and family are definite. To those on the outside looking in these customs may seem at first foreign, unorthodox or altogether strange. For only those who have practiced these fancies annually will understand the true significance they hold. To us they are the signature of our holiday- the cream of the crop if you will.

Once a tradition is born and embraced it will survive infinitely through each generation that too recognizes its withstanding importance. It will not shy away due to other’s objections or societal norms. It will not crumble at the sight of appearing to be out of place. It will, however, stand tall and proud and welcome all who adopt it!

Here are those traditions that each Y.Lo member has established and called their own- and don’t worry if you find one that catches your eye make it your own we won’t mind:Image

Lisa Altenburg (Owner of Y.Lo Epicure) – Growing up, Lisa and her siblings would come home from church on Christmas Eve to a brand new pair of pajamas that they’d wear to bed and on Christmas Day. This tradition is still prevalent in their family!

Dax Altenburg (It Guy)- Enjoys homemade powdered sugar Pecan Balls that his Grandmother originally created and his mother has since carried on the same recipe every year.

Michelle Pool (Event Specialist)- The day after Thanksgiving the family travels up to Buffalo Creek to seek out the perfect pine which will be embellished and adorned with all their ornaments and lights for Christmas. On Christmas day, Michelle and her husband cook up a mean prime rib and will usually host some sort of Ugly Sweater Party in December, as well!

Mandi Pacer (Catering Coordinator)- Every Christmas Eve each family member is allowed to open one gift of their choice. Other traditions include homemade peanut brittle and visiting the local theatre to see movies on Christmas day. Labeling a few of the gifts from Santa under the tree even into adulthood has become a customary practice created by her dad.

 Yolanda Nelson (Head Executive Chef)-Yo lights a candle and places it in her front window in remembrance of her brother Larry who passed away a few years ago.

Drea Rodriguez (Sous Chef) – Cooking Mexican Tamales & Bunuelos and staying the night at her Grandmother’s house are the main traditions seen in her family around this time of year.

Mary Cruz (Kitchen Prep)- She, too, cooks tamales and bunuelos and traditional Mexican cuisine like Posole. Additionally, setting up a Nativity scene and celebrating the birth of Jesus with piñatas is also customary for her family.


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