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Foodie(n.)  Passionate about food. A real food enthusiast-> i.e. Y.Lo Epicure!

Go ahead look it up we dare you! Disclosure: It may only be found in the present day Urban Dictionary.

While this word may not exist in any antiquated Webster’s dictionary, it takes on a great meaning in the catering world. Anyone who has ever worked in the food industry could tell you in grave detail exactly what it means to be a foodie.  It’s all relative of course. Let us explain. Food may be the common ground and universal language between a server in a restaurant and a food truck guy. Sure, both may share similar spaces, experiences, lingo and customers, but as far as what their culture entails in the day to day; they may as well be day and night. The following list describes the idiosyncrasies, the phenomena’s if you will, of the catering world to which only those who have worked in this area may understand; those who have not will find humor, if nothing else.

You Know You Are A Caterer When…

  • Your lighter is your best friend when it comes to lighting chaffers, without it you feel naked.
  •   You have become a strategist in your ability to accurately pack a car with limited space- looks like all that Tetris has finally paid off!
  •  A cart can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Stack it too high and it can become a death wish, but it’s a blessing when you don’t have enough hands, arms, feet or other means of carrying a plethora of catering materials and food.
  •    You become a jukebox eight ball with all the time you spend in the car listening to music. So much so, everyone tries to recruit you for their music trivia because you will ALWAYS win!
  •   Time never seems to be on your side, but somehow you still manage to be on time.
  •     A large portion of your paycheck goes to a monthly gym membership because the Head Chef will never let you starve- you’re belly is always full and euphoric.
  • You have become an expert driver navigating your way down alley ways, into loading bays and busy, traffic ridden streets.
  • Your car becomes an instant aroma magnet with all the various meals that have been transported in it.
  •    You have a distinct eye for detail, and improvisation is your middle name.
  • You can turn any space into an eye popping venue with curb appeal to the max!
  • Your two year old car has more mileage on it than a 10 year old Semi- Truck that has been well traveled.
  • You’ve shined more chafers than a shoe shiner has shined shoes at the airport.
  • You often argue with a taxi cab driver because with your extensive driving record you know the fastest route and shortest distance to any destination.
  • Shopping trips to the grocery stores on steroids- Sysco, Restaurant Depot etc.- are made so often every staff member, even the inventory guys in the back, know your name and more about you than some of your closest friends
  • Insurance means having all the extra necessities (we mean utensils, plates, napkins etc.) to be prepared for a rainy day. It’s best to overcompensate. There’s no such thing as going overboard.
  • Corporate 9-5? Forget about it. Your schedule is based upon when orders come in and deliveries go out. One day a cake walk, the next could be a long and painful journey.

To sum it up- everything that takes place on the show Party Down is synonymous with what a caterer experiences in everyday catering scene (with a few exceptions, of course).


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