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Because we are a full-service catering company, we at Y.Lo Epicure don’t get surprised by much these days. We do it all! So when we have been asked to do weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate parties, etc. nothing really makes us raise our eyebrows. But when we got a call from Reed Street Productions asking us to cater their Zombie Run, we had to stop for a second.

“I’m sorry – a WHAT?” I asked.

Apparently this “Zombie” craze has taken over the Country. This company tours major US cities and puts on a 5k run, where you sign up and have to make your way through an obstacle course while Zombies chase you and try to eat your brains and take your “health,” which is latched on to your waist, much like a flag football belt. There are health bonuses you can find along the way to save your own life, and you can choose your own path through the course, but if you’re not careful you could end up running more like a 10K. And if the Zombies get your health flags, you die and they win.

So at this point I’m wondering just how many people really go for this whole thing, and one of the directors, Alyssa Omelie, says to me, “Oh yeah, people love it. It helps to improve their running times. You’d be surprised how fast people will finish a 5K when they are being chased by Zombies.”

And I guess I can’t argue – Over 3,500 people in Colorado alone participated in this thing, 700 of which were zombies. Alyssa says the zombie positions are always the first ones to sell out. They pay a little extra and come early and have professionals do their makeup to make them look good and dead. Live or die, the event is not over at the finish line. No, no. After that, you go to the Apocalypse Party, where runners and zombies unite to enjoy food trucks, live music, and Beer in a festival-like environment.

This particular run was set up at Thunder Valley, a motor-cross cross nestled in the foothills close to Red Rocks. It took an entire week for set-up and I must say it was worth it. The event was literally quite a site to see. But the staff had to eat, and in those terms it was Y.Lo who saved the day. We brought dinner every night to hungry staff members and on event day, we provided breakfast, lunch, dinner and hors d’oeuvres to the staff and VIP tents. Who knew Zombies like to eat things like Homemade Enchiladas, Lasagna, and Stir Fry in substitution of humans? So you can thank us for keeping the Zombies fed so they didn’t go looking for…err….. some other things or people to eat.

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and if you’re crazy enough to join in the Zombie fun, the appropriately named website is runforyourlives.com


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