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Whew! What an amazing end to 2011! We partied hard, and we’re some of the lucky people because we got paid to do it. Y.Lo Epicure had so many fun events throughout the holidays. We don’t mean to brag (too much), but here is just a small overview of what went on, and you might even get an idea or two for next year.

A “Minute-to-Win-it” Holiday party- there’s nothing like seeing your co-workers try to yank all the tissues from a box using only one hand in only 60 seconds. (Go ahead. Go home and try it, we both know you want to.) This party was also a dance-fest while simultaneously having a special area upstairs for wrapping care packages for the homeless. Party people who give back. We like it!

An upscale house party where the staff got to dress in formal wear too, serving an amazing cocktail concoction called “Santa’s Hat”. Of course we won’t keep it to ourselves:  One part pomegranate juice, two parts champagne, powdered sugar rim on the champagne glass. This was absolutely adorable!

A Private, modest one- bedroom apartment party that turned in to an 80 person blowout. Oh yeah. This person must have had amazing neighbors to go with his amazing view of Denver. Bartending from the kitchen seemed impossible at first, but it turned out to be an absolute blast with some really fun people!

A gorgeous drive to Boulder for a luncheon that dazzled during the day-time with all white linens and silver, glittery snowflakes dangling from the ceiling. As if this wasn’t sparkly enough, guests were blown away by being handed a glass of bubbly as they walked through the door.

A one-thousand person event downtown with three bars, full-service buffet (Provided by yours truly, of course), a DJ and a live band. And how was it? Ah. Maz. Ing. This was a very young crowd who knew how to dress up and get down!

Not a bad run by some folks who started out as a small corporate caterer, right? By the time New Years’ actually came around and most people were ready to go out, we just wanted a NAP! Because as you can tell, Y.Lo Epicure does it all- and we did! But we had an absolute blast gaining all of this experience, and definitely makes us better at what we do every day. Cheers to Partying with you in 2012!


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