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AH Thanksgiving- you know it’s time when all the signs are present: Moms starting to plan seating arrangements, dads mentally preparing themselves for in-law visits, store displays of stuffing and canned pumpkin galore, and of course – Black Friday adds starting to pop up everywhere. Now I love Thanksgiving and enjoy taking the time to stop and acknowledge all that I have to be thankful for, but this time is also a little clouded for me with angst for what is to come sooner than I am ready- Christmas Shopping.
Like a lot of people, I’m one of those who is making an effort to not be the last-minute Christmas shopper this year. However, I am also constantly struggling to think of new and creative Christmas presents, which I will always maintain as my excuse for late shopping. Anybody with me?
So I got to thinking- what is it that people love this time of year? First thing that pops in to mind: FOOD! What do I do for a living now? FOOD! So do I need to share this light bulb that just went off with you guys? Absolutely.
Y.Lo Epicure does meal plans. Did you know that? One week to one month of them for any number of people. What a great gift idea for that expecting friend of family member of yours! It’s also very thoughtful for the family who has a sick loved one, or the work-aholic that doesn’t have time to cook. I actually have a few of these people in my life right now and voila- Shopping done!
So now that I’m done with a lot of shopping, I can relax and take the time to focus back on Thanksgiving, and letting you know how thankful we at Y.Lo are to have you as a client and friend!
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