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Hello Y. Lo Friends!

Meg, the intern, here to report that over the past few weeks, I have been slowly but surely learning the ropes here at Y. Lo Epicure. One thing that continues to wow me is how easy Lisa, Nina and the rest of the gang make it to eat well.

Many clients, both brand new and returning, often need a little help ironing out the details of their events. If you have ever planned an event, you know that there are so many little things to be considered. It can be a daunting task when you’ve got little more than a time frame and a vague idea. Lucky for us all, we have Nina.

I must say that Miss Nina has some party planning skills. Got a tight budget? She’ll make it work. Unique dietary needs? No problem! Not even sure where to start? Nina knows all the right questions to ask. She’ll work with you to craft a mouth-watering menu, find the perfect venue, handle any rentals, liquor, decor or staffing needs – all at no extra cost to you. Not to mention the day of the event we handle the whole she-bang from set up to tear down, allowing you to enjoy your party rather than maintain it. Sounds too good to be true, right? I encourage you to put Nina to the test!

Another helpful little feature we offer is our monthly calling program. The lovely ladies and gents that order from us are hard working folks and this program allows them to save valuable time and energy by scheduling all their breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks for the month instead of ordering individually. We touch base with you at the beginning of each month, get all the details and Shazzaam no fretting about orders for 4 weeks!

Prefer a more hands on approach? Our website makes online ordering a breeze. The order form is a simple, short form that provides all the vital details about you and your order and also allows you to ask questions and add special instructions or request. Each menu is customizable and we encourage and support every unique need for every client.

Never tardy, Y. Lo Epicure is proud of our consistent level of service and punctuality. Deliveries are made on time, every time.  If a delivery is late, the delivery fee is removed.

Still not convinced? Email me, I’ll help you come up with an excuse to throw a party and you can see Y. Lo Epicure in action!

Until Next Time,

Meg D

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all have had just as good of a start to your New Year as Y. Lo Has! We are so excited about the new things we have going on!

First off, I hope you have participated in our CONTEST!  The best part is it only takes a few short minutes, and you could win a free Breakfast or Lunch for you and 5 friends!  I thought this was a great idea since so many of our clients order for other people and seldom get to enjoy our food!  If you haven’t posted a testimonial yet, don’t fret, you have until the end of the month!  We are then going to announce the winner, and if they want us to, we will share information about their company on our blog and newsletter!  So it could also be a great way to get some exposure for your business!

We are also working very hard on the new menu!  We are tasting a lot of Chef Yolonda’s new food, and I will tell you something, it’s ALL DELICIOUS!  I can’t wait to be emailing the new menu out as soon as we are finished!  I am hoping that will be in 2 weeks.  But I will tell you something, this is my first time working on the creation of a new menu, and it takes a lot more time than I thought!! But it is super fun and I am loving the process! So stay tuned and bare with us, it’ll be here soon!

We are also going to be filming, yey! We will be creating some video’s to post about some really fun topics!  You will get a first hand look into the crazy lives of the Y. Lo Team and a lot of other really cool things to check out! Stay tuned for this as well!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all staying warm in this snowy weather!  I tried to brave the elements this morning around 6 am, and got stuck for about 20 minutes and had to dig myself out!  I hope you all had a much more enjoyable, and warm morning!

But on to more important things!  It is time for a contest!!  We want to start the New Year off right, and that means we need help from you!  All you have to do is post a testimonial/review about Y.Lo on our Facebook Page, or right here on our blog.  What were your favorites? What tasted Amazing?  We want to hear anything and everything about your experiences with Y. Lo Epicure.  And to get this competitive juices flowing, we are going to provide the winner and 5 of their friends with a Free Breakfast or Lunch!  It only takes a few moments, so chime in today and participate to help us out, and win!

The winners will be chosen next month and if you WIN and would like us to, we will feature you in our newsletter, Facebook, AND BLOG either personally or professionally, whatever you feel most comfortable with!

Happy writing to you all!  And thank you for another successful year in 2010!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure

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My Day…

Hi Everyone,

I was about to walk out of the office to end my day, but felt that I just couldn’t leave without saying a few words about how it went.  We do have very interesting lives us caterers!

It started off great!  We did our morning routine with ease.  After deliveries I had Meg call a few people we did catering for this week.  Her first call was to the Daniel’s Fund, we catered a Nacho Bar for them last night for 125 people.  When she called, they said they loved it and that they were OBSESSED WITH Y.LO!  That is exactly what I wanted to hear!  And as I sit here listening to Lisa talk on the phone with our chef, they both agreed that was awesome, so thank you Daniel’s Fund!

After that delighting news, I headed off to pickup some stuff up that we catered for lunch.  Here’s where the fun starts!  As I was driving on Colorado Blvd, I hear a loud band in the back of our catering van, hmmm.  What could that be? I look back, and of course, the soup, with a ton leftover, fell all over the place!  Luckily I picked my purse up off of the floor because it started leaking through to the front of the van! Oh my goodness, if you were with me, you would have died!  And I’ll tell ya what, the clean up was not what I would call fun…

To end the day, it had to be with a laugh after all that, right?! Lisa and I started to work on the Newsletter for this month (I know it is late, sorry Y.Lo fans!) she noticed that I had wrote for our Feature of the Month- Silly Steak and Cheese Nacho Bar.  Now if you are like me, you are probably thinking the same thing, that sounds absolutely ridiculous! You are right!  When we were deciding what the feature should be, we were talking over the phone and I completely heard her wrong.  So no, it is going to be a Philly Steak and Cheese Nacho Bar, so whoever reads this blog, you know before everyone else!! And it is going to be delicious, and not Silly!!!!!  We just thought that was too funny, because here I am, thinking that we are featuring something I don’t want to feature since it sounds stupid, and here Lisa is, wondering why on earthy I would think she said that, and why I didn’t tell her how dumb I thought the idea was when I heard it!!

What a day, what a day….

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure

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Greetings Y. Lo Darlings,

Meg here, with a tasty little morsel of food for thought to begin 2011:

Y. Lo does the Meal Plan.

I’m sure everyone has gone through a time where they can’t or don’t feel up to the challenge of preparing meals. Maybe you are expecting your first child, a co-worker who has undergone knee surgery, or a neighbor who is going through the loss of a significant other. Whatever the case may be, Y. Lo Epicure would be thrilled to do the cooking!

In the past, groups have all chipped in to provide a dollar value for the individual or family, which can be redeemed as needed and spread out over a period of time. The recipient can get meals weekly, bi-weekly, daily or any other schedule that fits their needs.

The best part? It is completely customizable. Recipients can chose anything to be delivered. Whether it be soups, sandwiches, Salmon, Mexican dishes; it is entirely up to them! The tummy wants what the tummy wants, after all.

Sound like a good idea for you or someone you know?  Give us a call today (303) 780-9888 and see what perfect plan we can create for you. We’ll be waiting here to appease your appetite!

Until Next Time,

Meg Davis

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Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Holiday and New Year!  I am thrilled to be back in the office to get 2011 off to a great start for Y. Lo!   I wanted to give you some insight into what you can expect to see from us in the New Year!

First and foremost, we are coming out with a NEW MENU!!  This should be out within the next couple of weeks.  We are going to be keeping a lot of your Y. Lo favorites like our Boxed Lunches, Soup’s, and don’t worry, the Breakfast Burrito’s are not going anywhere!  But we will be adding some really yummy new options for you that will be sure to please the taste buds!  Like our delicious biscuits and gravy, and our Feature of the Month, Silly Steak and Cheese Nacho Bar!

We are also going to be spotlighting our staff in the newsletters!  If you missed last months, email me and I can send it to you because it was our first Spotlight on the Chef for Y. Lo, Yolonda Nelson!  We will be giving you details about our sous chef, intern, the owner, and me! So stay tuned, and if you are not already signed up for the newsletter, visit our website at http://www.yloepicure.com.

My favorite part of the year will be planning the weddings for 2011!  We are already planning for a few so far, but if you didn’t know already, we are mostly a corporate catering company.  However, we do cater weddings, and we do an amazing job!  Since this is not our focus, I get very excited when we do have a wedding!  I love to plan them and help with any and all aspects!  If you or anyone you know needs help this year, contact us to reserve the date immediately!  You will be in good hands with Y. Lo as your custom caterer.  To give you an idea, for every wedding we have catered, we ALWAYS receive a heartfelt Thank You Card afterward for a job well done!

I am looking forward to 2011, as you can see, we will be very busy!!  If you are looking to plan an event, call us today at 303-780-9888 to get your planning started off on the right track!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure

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