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Tuesday Madness!

Hey Everyone,

I cannot even begin to tell you how crazy busy we were today!  Now I am not saying that this is a bad thing, I love it!  Busy days not only go by so fast, but they keep you in the game and on your toes.  I am just amazed that we did everything we needed to in the amount of time we had!

So it all starts in the kitchen at 9 am.  I arrive and everyone is hard at work.  I get right in a do the same, finishing my orders which were a 45 boxed lunch, an 8 boxed lunch, and a 7 boxed lunch.  Once I get everything ready to go I jump in Lisa’s car and take off on my first delivery.

Everything is going fine, I make it to the first place, get back in the car and head to my second delivery.  But the car starts doing very funny things all of a sudden.  The radio just shuts off and stops working.  The Check Gages light is blinking at me.  Then the brake light comes on!  Immediately after the air bag light, then the car starts to make this very strange noise.  When the gas gauge starts to increase, I know something bad is about to happen.  I start thinking it is going to die right there at 15th and Market!  I keep going, but when I get to a stop light it starts to make even more noise and then starts to shake!  This is not good.  As I pull into my next destination the car is bucking into the space, but I made it!

I don’t even worry about what the car is doing anymore and I get the 45 boxed lunches up to the office I am delivering to, and take care of business.  When I get back, the car won’t start.  Now I still have 1 delivery to get done, luckily it is 30 minutes away.  So I call Lisa, she says she will pick me up.  So I wait outside in the 95 degree weather.  When she gets there she says, “okay we are never going to make it if we do them all together.  So here (she hands me an invoice as she pulls a cart and 2 boxes of boxed lunches out) you are going on foot.” She takes my other order, and she is off to finish everything else herself, except for the one she handed me.

So I start my way down Wynkoop towards Wazee, luckily it was only 4 blocks away!  But man it is so hot today.  Once I am done I start walking back to the garage the car is in, but Lisa had taken the keys with her.  So I wonder around Denver for about 30 minutes, waiting to be picked up.

The tow truck got there first, then Lisa.  We get everything taken care of with the car, and we get back into the catering van to head back to the kitchen.  Lisa had managed to get all of her orders delivered, and they were all early!  Here is yet another example of how everything can go wrong, but we still manage to please our clients!  Lisa even said, “I love how my client’s are more important than my car!”  But it is so true 🙂

When we got back to the office we make lunch for ourselves.  I have a can of soup and say, “can you believe how much work we do to get everyone else their amazing lunch and we eat this crap!”

Just another day in the life of a caterer!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure



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If you were wondering if Y. Lo Epicure can also provide you with cakes and cupcakes, the answer is yes!  Not only do we offer unique custom designs, but our cake is amazingly delicious!  If you are looking for something that is fun and different, we can do some really creative things.  Such as our Signature Cake, The COLLAGE Cake.  All you need to do is come up with some fun words that describe your best friend, wife, husband, coworker, or roommate, and let us take care of the rest!  It is a super fun way to tell someone how much you love them and care about who they are!

This cake was made with our favorite, Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  The whole thing is edible, made with edible markers, edible luster spray, and fondant.  Now here is the deal with fondant, we certainly use it.  However, we will not cover a cake in fondant.  Personally I think it is gross.  It tastes like pure sugar and has a very strange consistency.  This cake is a perfect example of how we use it.  We can use it creatively, but it will always be something that you can take off easily and discard if you prefer.

I think that cakes are so fun.  It is a great way to celebrate people, and always ends up being a topic of conversation.  Even for coworkers, it is a great idea to take a few moments of the day to set aside, sing happy birthday and celebrate with the people you spend 40+ hours a week with!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure


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Hello Everyone!

Our most popular menu item is our boxed lunches.  I think there are a few different reasons for this.  First, they are huge!! They are elegantly served in a clear container, with a custom Y. Lo label with your name and selection.  Boxed Lunch comes with a signature panini, wrap, or salad, your choice of 2 sides of the day, fresh baked dessert of the day, chips, and a mint to end your meal!  Many people don’t end up finishing them because it is so much food, but they love to graze the rest of the day with all of the goodies we provide!

Signature Boxed Lunch

From $9.99 per person with no minimum

Most of our orders are coming from admins who do the orders for the day.  However, we are having a lot more groups of friends get together in the office, pitch in for the delivery charge, and get a bunch of boxed lunches to enjoy for a great cost!  Plus, they don’t have to leave the office, so for really busy days or weeks, it is so convenient!  I remember my first day we had a few orders for the boxed lunches.  I was thinking how much I would love to get these to enjoy for myself!  I thought that it was like getting a present because they were so elegantly displayed.  So the next time you want to order in for lunch, think of Y. Lo, let us take care of the hassle while you enjoy the meal!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure


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Grill Master!

Hi There,

So this is a story of what happened last weekend when Y. Lo catered for the 9 Health Fair Staff Fun Day in Golden Gate Canyon:

I showed up at the kitchen with an hour to get to a destination which should be 35-40 minutes away.  We got my car loaded and I was off.  5 minutes after being on the road, Lisa calls me and says I have no beans and onions!  So I pull over and she sends one of her employees to meet me with the hot bag, and I’m off again, still on time.  GPS, again, does not work!  I am in the foothills driving around a beautiful canyon, freaking out because I am the one chance that these people get their lunch! (Which was from our Summer BBQ menu, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, pasta salad, all the fixings, and of course, beans and onions.)

I am supposed to be at 95 Crawford Gulch Road, and I am at 5000, in no way near my destination.  As the beads of sweat start dripping down my forehead I turn around and keep driving, but I start questioning, ” what happens if you don’t make it?  Has this ever happened to anyone before? Does Mac replace your iPhone if you through it out the window because I can never make it to a correct address? ”  We were also going to be having a grill master show up to do the hamburgers and hot dogs. So I am wondering if I am the only one who is lost.  “Will he make it?”

Right as I was about to cry, I see a visitor’s turn off for the state park.  Yes!  I made it, I am supposed to be there at this time, but I only have 3 more miles to go!  Once I get there, the woman in charge of the event comes up to my car and says, “did you get lost?”  Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one, I was only 4 minutes late, and we were all ready to set up and go.  All we had to do was wait for the grill master and this event would be all set.

After I set everything up, get the grill started, I realize that the grill master is lost and now I am going to have to grill.  Have a seen people grill, yes.  Have I grilled myself, no.  But hey, it was hamburgers and hot dogs, you can’t get easier than that, right?!

I did a great job, everyone was so happy, but also thankful that I was willing to stay.  Which of course was never a question in my mind.  My job is to make sure our events run smoothly, and I must say no matter how much can go wrong beforehand, and no matter has stressful it gets, we get the job done.  We do it with style, we are happy doing it, and we do it well.  In the picture above I have a smile on my face, and you will always get that working with us!

Nina Holmes- Y. Lo Epicure


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Sushi at Sunset

Hello Everyone,

I want to now tell you a little bit about me before we delve into yesterday’s excitement.  My name is Nina, I am an account executive for Y. Lo.  I do anything and everything to help the company, but I do love to write, so I thought I would start a blog!  I am originally from Connecticut, but after living in Colorado for 7 years now, I am never leaving!  I went to CU- Boulder and graduated with a degree in Communication.  I am so happy that I am finally doing a job that I love, working with amazing people, and helping foster the growth of an amazing company!

Sushi at Sunset:  This was an event at a private residence, their real estate agents had a very elegant open house for the broker’s in the area.  We catered, and I must say it went very well!  We had a Sushi Station set up with an exclusive sushi chef, Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce, and Crab and Cheese Wontons with Sweet and Sour Sauce.  Now if your mouth isn’t watering yet, we also had lots of wine and beer!!

So what was my day like leading up to this posh, fun, and fabulous event. Well, hear it is…

I am sorry, but GPS does NOT work!!!  I arrived fifteen minutes late to a BBB (Better Business Bureau)  meeting, since we recently joined, I went to a new member orientation and light networking event.  My GPS likes to take me in circles, to the wrong address, and on highways where there is always traffic! Luckily, they had just started and there was no harm, no foul. After, I picked up the linens from Butler Rents.  Then off to the florist to pick up the tropical arrangements for Sushi at Sunset.   I proceeded to head back to the office where we peeled, chopped, blanched, and seasoned the veggies for the sushi.  Immediately after, I headed to the Daniel’s Fund building where I picked up the platters and dishes from the catered meal from this morning.  While driving, the flowers fell over completely on their side.  I immediately thought they were ruined.  Thank goodness they were hearty flowers and they still looked beautiful for the party!  I must say, we do tend to luck out with many things 🙂

We then loaded up the van with all of the necessities for the event.  Picked up the liquor from SIP, and then drove to Castle Pines in the catering van, which does not have A/C.  Now yesterday, the temperatures were definitely in the 90’s.  Once we were five minutes away, as we went around a turn the heaviest box in the van fell  on top of the flowers!! While having a mild heart attack, we pulled over, and as I carefully opened the van, Spring Rolls started falling into my hands (luckily the saran wrap saved them).  Lisa ran around and opened the door the full way, and we only had 2 casualties thank goodness! As wonderful as that sounds, once we got to the house, we realized we forgot the plastic wine glasses.  So, back in the piping hot van I go.  But luckily, those flowers liked me yesterday, we only lost one little purple one!

The event ran smoothly, it was one of the most relaxing events I have ever done.  The people were fabulous, the food was enjoyed, and the weather was crazy!  It started raining, while the sun was out.  The hail then proceeded to fall for a few minutes.  Then came the thunder, followed by the sirens on the golf course indicating lightning.

I went with Lisa to her house to get my car at 8:30, she was slow cooking a roast all day in her crock pot (earlier, the free smells were enticing my nose so much, it was delicious!) and being that she is one of the nicest people I know, I got to eat some deliciousness!  I got home at 9 pm, I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who cleaned the entire house that day, when I arrived at home it was exactly what I needed.  I Ate, dinner, and had so much on my mind that I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight.

So there it is, just another wonderful day in the life of a caterer.  But I must say, I have never been happier!

Nina Holmes- Account Executive for Y. Lo Epicure


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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for checking out Y. Lo Epicure’s blog.  We are a smaller catering company in Denver, but we have so many amazing events and cool gigs going on right now, we wanted to blog about it!  But for my first blog, I would love to talk about who we are and what we do.

Y. Lo Epicure specializes in Corporate Catering, however we can do anything from a continental breakfast, to boxed lunches, or even full sit down meals.  Our chef, Yolonda, has been cooking for 25 years!  She has two culinary degrees, and a vibrant personality that really shines through in her food.  She is a wonderful person, and we love having her as our exclusive executive chef!

We have been in business now for 8 years!  Starting as a deli in Cherry Creek, the new owner, Lisa DiCarlo, has expanded to the downtown area.  She has brought this company to new heights, working long days, early mornings, late nights, and weekends.  But it has all been worth it.  She loves her company and Lisa is involved in every aspect of Y. Lo.

We offer only the freshest and finest ingredients Denver can offer.  We are also a green company!  We can green up any event by providing compostable materials, recycling, and composting on site!  Plus, we have the most honest pricing.  We take pride in providing colorful, delicious, and homemade healthful meals!

So why would a catering company want to blog?  Well for obvious reasons, to promote our company!  We all know this, however, what people often don’t know are what happens behind the scenes.  What kind of events do we really cater?  What is it like to be in the kitchen when 4 women are cooking for 100 people?  What does a catering Jeep smell like after Lisa has dropped salad dressing and beans all over her trunk?  What do we do all day?  That is what we are going to explore along the way.

I hope you stay tuned because not only will it give you an insiders guide into the crazy world of catering.  But it will make your mouth water.  Make you laugh.  And let you forget about your crazy job for a brief amount of time every week!

Nina Holmes, Account Executive for Y. Lo Epicure

Check us out at www.yloepicure.com

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